Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tristan and the Piano

If you have a child and you didn't know he could play the piano, raise your hand. If you could see me now you would see my raised hand. Here is the story:
I took my son Tristan and my daughter LilyBeth to a store called Habitat of Humanity. They were each allowed to pick one small item for a special treat. Lily and I were looking through some stuffed animals when I heard  someone playing the phantom of the opera on a piano. It sounded beautiful. Since there were three different pianos for sale I looked to see who was sitting on one and who was playing. It was my very own seven year old son. I just stood there listening. People began to stare at him playing; they began to ask me how many lessons he has had. One man came to me to tell me how hard the song he played really was. And, that he was using all of his fingers to play. The management of the store came towards me. It was then when I saw the signs on every piano .

I quickly and quietly asked my son to stop and come to me so I could explain what the sign said. The management told me that he could play on any piano he likes. They then asked me questions like " How long has he been playing?" When I told her he has never had lessons and that I don't own a piano, they almost didn't believe me. I was told from several customer as well as employees that I need to get him lessons and a piano. I said maybe in the near future we would be able to get him a piano but not right now. The prices on each piano was 300 dollars.
We continued shopping when the manager as well as two assistant managers came to talk to us. They said, "We would like for Tristan to pick out any piano he would like for 50 dollars" What??? I couldn't believe it.
I told them I would call my husband and see if this is something we could do. After I told him the story he said " Wow, what a deal. But, where are we going to put it?" I thanked them a million times. Tristan then looked at all three pianos. He played on each one of them. I was hoping he would pick the one that was perfect and had beautiful wood carvings with no scratches or dents. But, he picked the one that had plenty of scratches and needs much wood repair. A friend helped us bring it home. The sound of beautiful piano music played by my son has blessed our home. I can't wait to see what God is going to do next.


  1. Ahh... the beautiful sounds of children playing music in your home. SO glad the Lord blessed you in this way.

  2. What a blessing for your whole family!


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