Thursday, March 10, 2011

And they rise up and call you blessed

Here are three of my wonderful young adults. Timmy 21, Stephanie 18 and Melanie 15. My husband and I are so blessed by their lives, love and sweet care for others. As we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary on March 6th we were blown away by the heartfelt notes and deeds for us. As time goes by, it is a privilege to see them give honor and glory to Christ even in the tough times. I am truly humbled.
This sweet little flower garden was planted by my Lilybeth  for me :)   She asked me if I would take her to the garden shop so she could pick out some plants. With her straw hat, garden cloves and pennies :) , we went to Green Acres farm . Every one there thought she was the cutest ever . She took one of the little red wagons and began shopping, carefully  selecting each and every plant . After visiting the dogs and laughing birds we payed and went home. I let her plant these sweet little flowers by herself, and I think she did a fantastic job for only being four years old..


  1. What a beautiful garden and sweet gift from a little one. I remember my boys doing that several years ago around our oak tree which is a HARD place to plant flowers!

  2. Yes it was! All the roots around that tree, but she was determined and didn't want any help :)


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