Friday, February 25, 2011

The Finished Project

 It's done!!!  And as I am writing this, two of my children are playing behind me in this room :)Yesterday, my older daughter Stefanie had her quiet time with the Lord, as well as an afternoon nap in this room. Her friend Shelly spend the night and slept peaceful in a very comfy bed.
 It seems like everyone just enjoys this room. And that is exactly what I hoped for.



  1. Your hard work paid off with an absolutely beautiful, restful room. Nice work!!

  2. Thanks Kathy I couldn't have done it without my wonderful helpers.

  3. Is it a former kids' bedroom? Your son who moved out? It does look great.
    We turned our son's bedroom into my Mom's room and she loves it.

  4. Yes, it was my son Timmy's bedroom and yes he moved out. It looked very different when he lived in it :)


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