Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What We Came Home To.....

 My daughter Melanie cut out all these little hearts out of colored paper and wrote sweet little notes onto them and spread them all over our bed. On my side of the bed was a peppermint patty (in case you didn't know, peppermint patty's are my favorite chocolate) and for my Stan, a dove dark chocolate bar. Her thoughtfulness touchwd my heart.
 This handmade note was also on our bed :)

 My sweet Lilybeth and Tristan made these lovely valentine cards at aunt Judy's house. The had so much fun making them.

My daughter Stephanie surprised me with this little purse. Wow, it was like having my birthday all over again.

This beautiful bouquet of pink roses greeted me on the way into my kitchen. I love the thoughtful note my son Timmy added to his bouquet for me.

This was quite a surprise for us as we came home. I can't thank God enough for my wonderful children; they are a blessing from the Lord.
A long time ago when I was in my mid-twenty's, a dear friend of mine shared with me the importance of teaching our children to be thoughtful givers (she had eight children at that time). It is so easy to quickly pick up "something" in the last minute just to give "something." Have you ever been the receiver of such a thoughtless gift? I have, but to my shame I have been the thoughtless giver many times in the past and it is meaningless on both ends.

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  1. Thoughtful gifts are the best, especially from your family. :) Great kids you have. :) :)


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