Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Fun Getaway To St. Petersburg

 Stan and I planned this one-on-one getaway for sometime now and we had a wonderful time. Judy, his older sister was so gracious to care for our to little ones Tristan and Lilybeth, and the older ones had fun times at home having friends over and enjoying their freedom without parents :) We needed that time away to renew and recharge. This is St.Petersburg bay; it is breath taking.  And I'm sad to add that this view will soon be gone as the city will tear the pier down because of the high cost of maintenance.

 Here we are on the pier enjoying the view.

 This was our lovely hotel room at the Marriott and were spoiled by the service they provided.  Still, it took us about one whole day to learn to relax and let go of all our normal responsibilities. I think we took more naps then anything else :)  

This trip was absolutely great, but wait till you see what we came home too...


  1. So glad you both could get away. St. Pete is a lovely place to relax.

  2. Yes it is. We had a great time, thanks Tonya.


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