Friday, June 24, 2011

Tristan and LilyBeth have been in vacation bible school this past week, leaving at 8:30 am and returning home at 12:45 pm. At first I thought, "WOW, How great is that!!" I can get so much done at the house." The first two days I got up, sent them off, and started to clean and organize much needed areas in our home. It was great!! No interruptions like potty time, "I am hungry", "I need help," "I just wanted to ask you tons of questions while you are doing this and that," "Can I sit on your lap while your sewing that?" "Oops, I spilled my drink," and "Can you hold me right now?"
Well, after the first two days I started to miss all that, YES I did! Sometimes I forget how blessed I am with these children and what a privilege it is to serve and teach them. Thank you Lord for the reminder :)
To be honest, I am so glad that VBS is over. I missed LilyBeth's sweet face and her need to help me in everything I do  :)
I missed Tristan, my peacemaker, and his ability to make me laugh at anytime. I almost felt bad that I was being so selfish, until my husband shared with me these same feelings. They had a wonderful time at VBS, but Tristan and Lily are also very glad to get back into there routine at home.
I was just reminded how much I love being a mommy and all the stuff that comes with it  :)

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