Friday, January 7, 2011

Change.....Live with Less!!!

This year it's all about change as we work to simplify our life in every area.
For the first time ever I sat down and wrote out my goals for the different areas in my life.

Here they are:

Personal Goals:

  1. Wake up with a purpose everyday.
  2. Memorize one verse a month. (I'm not very good at memorizing, so this is a big one for me!)
  3. Read through the "One year Bible"  (in one year).
  4. Read one book a month. (I love to read so this will be easy.)
  5. Walk at least 3 times a week with Melanie, my lovely daughter. (We actually started this near the end of December and are already reaping the benefits.)


  1. Clean out and de-junk our home; be ruthless.
  2. Wash 2 loads of laundry a day.
  3. Prepare and use a weekly menu plan.
  4. Sew for my personal/family needs every two weeks.
  5. Keep the refrigerator clean and organized. (You'd be amazed what our family can do to this refrigerator in such a short time.)


  1. Be faithful with Home-schooling everyday.
  2. Stay within my grocery budget.
  3. Sew for my Etsy Shop 2 times a week.
  4. Stay Home .....the less I'm out and in stores ...the more I save :)


  1. Pray daily for him.
  2. Plan a date night twice a month.
  3. Respect and encourage him.

My Children:

  1. Pray daily for them...that they will love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  2. Stick to a bedtime routine. (It's so difficult to do this with six children ages 23 to 4.)
  3. Less junk food.

Home Improvement:

  2. Fix sink cabinet (instead of a new kitchen :).
  3. Set up sewing room when Timmy moves out.
  4. Install second oven in the kitchen (Found on Craigslist for a super deal).
  5. Finish painting the living room; (we do not like to paint, my husband said he would rater be poked with a hot know the rest :).
  6. Clean out garage and have a large garage sale. (I have already started my clean out and the garage is getting filled up.)

I showed these goals to my husband for his opinion, I value his input greatly.  He is the master of  lists and spreadsheets.  I asked if these goals were unreasonable and he assured me that the are not.  Thank you Love.

Now, I'm sharing these with you for a few reasons.  My aim is certainly not to say "look at my goals, see how great I am."  But rather to encourage all of you "non-list makers" that it is helpful if you write things down.  Also, it's important that you make realistic goals and share them with others for help in accountability.  It doesn't mean much if we only keep our goals or resolutions to ourself.  We are usually too easy on ourself and without writing them down and sharing them, we often let ourselves off the hook if we fail to keep goals and/or resolutions.  Also, by sharing these with you, there is even more accountability for me to try to keep up with them.  I won't mind some loving nudges, prayer and encouragement from you throughout the year as I know I will grow weary.  (Gal. 6:9)

I will post room by room clean outs and improvements as well as my struggles and victories as the year progresses.

I'm starting in my kitchen.  Here we go with "THE PANTRY" 

What a mess and some stuff I really don't need.  "BEFORE"


Much better.
(Got it done yesterday but not without a ton of interruptions :).
I try to put most everything in glass, mason or applesauce jars, or any other big enough jars I can find in thrift stores.  It saves money and is much healthier than plastic products,  not to mention it will keep bugs out of your food. 

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  1. Wonderful, Gabriele! I blogged and FBooked about decluttering last year and had a HUGE amount of hits for about 2 weeks!


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