Sunday, April 17, 2011

His and Her Room

 This is Tristan and LilyBeth's bedroom make over.The Room is very small 10 x12 feet. Stephanie(18) and Melanie(15) used this bunk bed when they where Tristan and LilyBeth ages, seven and four.
My Stan and I alway felt is was important that our children shared a room with another sibling. It teaches them to get along with someone else, teaches them to share and to be more considerate of others. After all, one day the will have to share a room with other roommates and probable marry someone very different in personalty,  then they are.  It was easy when we first had two boys and then two girls, but now we have one of each. So this room was a little challenge in the area of decor since LilyBeth likes pink, anything pink and Tristan is a true boy who likes dragons, cars and superheros.
 Here is what we came up with. His and her space. Tristan sleeps "up stairs."
A couple of years back a very nice older lady taught me how to make these beautiful quilts.
This is his corner with his dresser and Hulk superhero picture. His fire spitting dragon is so cool, but LilyBeth was scarred of it, so we hung it behind the dresser where she could not see him from her bed.

Here is Tristan's favorite bear; he named him "Share Bear."  :)

 This is LilyBeth's bed.  She sleeps "down stairs" :) along with her favorite doll, Baby Anna. She goes where ever Lily goes. 


The lamp came from a dear sweet friend.  Thank you Cherilee!  And it fit's perfect on her dresser. I found this cute little dresser at a thrift store and it is perfect for her needs.

 The dresser is made for small children and Lily can get to her clothes all by herself. 
 This beautiful handmade embroidery came from a yard sale for just one dollar.  
 His and her Teddy bears. :)
 Her corner.

This is the view when you enter the room.


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