Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost Finished With The Girl's Room

We are almost finished, Yeah :)

 As we put the room back together after we painted, we were trying to use what we had on decor. Most all decor was given to me through out the years. So, here it goes. The mirror came from my husband's mother, it had a gold frame so we painted it the same color as the trim in this room.

 This was a great find on craigslist, not to mention super comfy! Inside this two seater is a hide a bed and the food stool opens and holds all the bedding. Super cool.

 The cute pictures and the little wicker nightstand were a gift from my friend Becky, thanks again Becky :)
 Even when you are 18 and 15 Teddy bears are still cool.
 These bears have been with us for almost 11 years.
 My dear friend and mentor, Janet Berg, gave me this lamp a long time ago. It used to grace her living room for many years. I always liked it and will cherish it. I miss you Janet.
My friend Mary made this beautiful apple quilt ; she is so talented in quilt making. I'm so jealous. 

This used to be deep dark navy blue. I love the colors we chose. So bright and cheery, it opened up the whole room.

 I found these beautiful glass knobs at Marshalls, they give it just the right touch,

We bought the baskets at Homegoods on clearance :)

 The built in closet turned out wonderful, everyone approved .
We still have to paint the door and the base boards, as well as touch ups here and there.
  "Elwood",  Melanie's dog lays faithfully under her chair as she does her school work. He is so sweet.

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