Monday, May 30, 2011

 We are back from our vacation on Englewood Island. One wonderful week. Our friend Mary kindly let us use her two story beach house on this beautiful Island. Thank you Mary.

 Isn't it breath taking! Her house is right on the beach.

LiliBeth had so much fun

 Tristan loved the water.
 The front of the house facing the Island.
 My older daughter Stephanie aka sparkles!

My daughter Melanie and myself.

My wonderful Husband.... exhausted. He had to put the sailboat away.

Tj,  my daughter Stephanie's boyfriend, yes he came with us :), Timmy,  my second son ( Thomas my oldest could not make it) and Melanie.

 Mother and Son moment :)
 He even posted this picture as his Facebook profile picture....I must be cool :)
Even "Elwood" our dog came with us, he is totally devoted to Melanie.
Stephanie and me
 Tia , my daughters friend also came with us.

My daughter Melanie shot this picture.....she is so talented!

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