Saturday, October 23, 2010

I was inspired by my friend Amy, who shared the link with me,  to make these fun and useful snack/lunch bags. 

My little ones like them so much they picked their favorite already. I lined them with a fabric named PUL , it is easy to clean, just wipe off or toss into the washer, how easy is that!

I had so much fun making these.  I even use them as a replacement for my zip-lock plastic bags. It opens and closes using sewn-on strips of Velcro.

 This size can fit a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a small water bottle.  But there are other sizes for smaller snacks like crackers, fishies, or cookies when you just need to grab something in a hurry on your way out the door with your always hungry children.

The lunchbags are now for sale in my Etsy account.....


  1. Gabi, these look amazing! I love how you embellished them!!! We need to have a sewing party- maybe an all-nighter!- soon!


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