Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Rocking Chair to Recover

 This little rocking chair was my husband's great Aunt Etta's.  I remember she used to sit in it and pray  everyday.  I always liked it.  Stan's mom was kind enough to trade a larger white rocking chair for this one, but this one was in need of a new look.  Aunt Etta used to put a patchwork pillow behind her back to be more comfortable; one that I had made by hand for her 23 years ago.
 I found this fabric that I liked in sage green with colored squares.
I put loops on the top of the back rest so it would stay in place.
 It was pretty easy, not like the other rocker glider I did earlier.
 I made a little pillow to go with it, very easy to make, just some basic white fabric and four different color threads.
 It closes in the back with two simple buttons.
 To make designs like this, simply trace the design onto white fabric and with your machine or by hand follow that design with colored threads of your choosing.  You can also add some lines where desired using the same method.  I chose to add some straight lines down the sides as shown for a nice finishing touch.
 I was pleased with the finished product.

My Lilybeth liked the new look as well, and apparently, so did her dollies, Lotta and Katie!

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