Monday, October 25, 2010

 I just finished this project. I had this chair sitting on my porch for a year now, and my husband said, "Just set it out on the trash corner; it's not useful."  But I really liked this chair.  We bought it together in a yard sale seven years ago when I was pregnant with our son Tristan.  It is a very comfy glider rocker and I used to spend many nights rocking and nursing Tristan to sleep.  I just couldn't part with it, so I decided to recover it and make new cushions for it--mind you I have never done that before, but I was willing to try.  The glider rocker also has a gliding footstool which my husband had to fix before I could recover it.


I had bought this very cute fabric on sale many weeks ago at JoAnn fabrics and hoped it would be a good fit for this chair.  .....well, I absolutely love the result!!

I had to run to the store to buy a long quilting needle to make the indention in the back cushion. This gave it a nice look.
My little LilyBeth was the first one to jump on the chair as soon as it was done.  I guess she approves :)


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