Thursday, October 28, 2010

Osnaburg lined Breadbag

 I attended recently a food pantry swap and one of the prizes was three fabric sandwich bags lined with  a material called PUL. Some of us were discussing how we could keep the bread we make fresh without using plastic zip lock bags. I was telling my friend Amy that she could just make the same baggies but make them bigger to fit a bread. She said she would ponder about it, and so did I.
I made this bread bag lined with an osnaburg fabric.  It closes with a pull string to seal the bag in order to keep the bread fresh.

This particular one I made for my chiropractor and health specialist Dr.Dan Yachter.  Occasionally I bring him one of my home made breads ,but this time it will have a pretty and very useful wrapper.

I also made him two snackbags for his fruit and snacks; lets see what he has to say once he uses them.

I have made lots of these snackbags for my family in all different sizes, and I use them instead of zip lock bags. The are fantastic.  I use them for fruits like sliced apples or grapes and refrigerate them. The fruit stays fresh and crunchy.  I also made muffins and put them in a snack bag lined with osnaburg and left them on my kitchen table overnight; they are just as moised and yummy as the day before. 

I'm so impressed with this alternative to plastic bags.  And the best part is, unlike plastic bags which are thrown away after use, these can just go straight in the washer and be used again!

Watch for these to be on sale very soon on my Etsy site.
Breadbags are now for sale in my etsy shop.


  1. I love these. I had never heard of this type of fabric until the swap party.

  2. I knew of this fabric Tonya, my grandmother used it to keep all of her homemade goods fresh, she did not have a refrigerator, but it wasn't until Amy told me were I could find it, that I remembered what it was, it comes from Europa and is pronounced a little bit different.


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