Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eco Friendly Sandwich Fold and Cool Pack

Here's my latest creation. This little sandwich fold is so practical. I especially like it when we go to the park to play. The matching cool pack filled with flax seeds keeps the sandwich cool enough until we start our picnic. The inside is lined with my favorite fabric - Osnaburg.

Most parks have a picnic area were we can sit and eat, but I always had to take a place mat or something to put under my children's food since the tables are not clean. Now there's no more extra stuff to take to the park. I just place the sandwich fold on the table, open it up, and eat. Afterwards it serves as a napkin. When we get home, I simply toss the cool pack in the freezer and the sandwich fold in the laundry; done! No more paper or plastic anything; I like that.
I wrapped my sandwich in butcher paper before I placed it in the sandwich fold, but that is not necessary. The Osnaburg fabric serves as a fine food-safe wrapping for your lunch items. The fabric is machine washable, which makes this another eco-friendly, reusable product for your kitchen.

 Just fold in the sides and it closes with a sewn on Velcro strip.

I placed a small sew-on Teddy on top to give it a special look for my son, Tristan.

Watch for these handy sandwich folds to be available soon on my Etsy shop.

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