Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pretty Summer Dress

 I used to make these dresses for my older daughters when they were between the ages of 2 through 6. Now that my sweet Lilybeth is in this age its about time for me to start making her a summer wardrobe . She likes this style and it is very easy and quick to make not to mention how inexpensive this little dress is to make.

 All you need is some scrap pieces of fabric which complement each other and a button.

 She loves to model for me and I think she is doing a great job. :) She said;" Mommy I like this dress, it doesn't make me so sweaty".


  1. I LOVE this dress! Next time I'm in town can I bring my machine over to your house so you can help me make one? I'm sure once I make one I'll be able to make a bunch for the girls. So cute and Liliana did a great job of modeling!

  2. Toni,
    you don't have to bring your machine I have two. I be glad to show

  3. you and I have plenty of fabric as well.


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