Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Homemade Spätzle Noodles

 Homemade Spätzle is so easy to make not to mention inexpensive and delicious. My Grandmother ("Oma" in German) used to make this all the time. We enjoyed them in soups or with gravy or just plain with some butter and herbs added. You can get very creative with these noodles.

 I grind my own flour but you can use whatever flour you like; just make sure you always sift your flour whenever you cook or bake (trust me; it will make all the difference).
 Just four simple ingredients : 2 cups whole wheat or any other flour, sifted
                                            2 eggs
                                            1 cup milk (I use unsweetened almond milk) 
                                            1 teaspoon sea salt
Mix together. It will be a sticky, moist dough.

I like to use this Danish dough hook for any kind of dough mix that I make because it mixes so well and forms a nice elastic dough.

 This is the disk for my spätzle maker. I purchased this spätzle maker at Ross, my favorite store. You can find a lot of wonderful deals there. Just place your dough in the spätzle maker which will sit right over your large pot of boiling water.  Close and press. Voilà.

Cook on medium heat for five to seven minutes.  Strain and rinse.

If you don't have a spätzle maker a strainer like this will work as well. place your dough in your strainer and use a wooden spoon to press and move the dough through the holes over a pot of boiling water.  This is a very simple and frugal way to make the same delicious noodles.

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